• This is the first episode of the series.
  • The first character to speak in the series was either Becky or Ernesto. The first vocal noise made in the cold opening was Becky making a loud, obnoxious sound effect with her mouth. However, the first actual quote was "Hola, Becky", said to her by Ernesto.
  • This episode has the longest cold opening in the series, lasting longer than 2 minutes.
  • Bud says his dad used to own a flower shop, the biggest of the town, until a Mexican named Alejandro opened a more successful store and put him out of business.
  • Janice has the incapability of keeping embarrassing secrets hidden, since the moment she opens her mouth, she just can't keep it shut, making for some very awkward conversations.
  • This episode features the first minor musical number, this being, "I'm Beautiful", by Gert Buckwald.
  • J.C. finally comes back from college and proposes marriage unto Becky.
  • Bryce has a problem with being abducted and raped by aliens.
  • The U.S. passes an anti-immigration bill.
  • For Becky's 14th birthday, Bud gave her a thumbtack. It's purpose was to poke holes in the condoms of her future boyfriends, in hopes she'll get pregnant.
  • Bud always had Becky and Daryll Muncie romantically paired up in his head.
  • Becky and Daryll have also supposedly been friends, since childhood.
  • Bryce and Bud break the fourth wall, referencing to the show's meta-humor and loose continuity. The joke involves Bryce telling Bud, he heard the news of how his head exploded (an event from a previous scene), but Bud dismisses this happening because "That was just a joke".
  • Daryll has a stillborn little brother.
  • Ernesto reveals that J.C. and Becky have been dating for 4 years, prior to current events.
  • The Buckwald Family budget is only $1.00, being a singular dollar bill in the refrigerator. Although now, this has most likely dropped to nothing, after Becky accidentally on purpose let the dollar out, where it blew away in the wind.
  • Bud and Janice sleep in separate beds.
  • J.C. is shamed by The Virgin Mary for being an Atheist.
  • Ernesto demonstrates some mad animal-killing skills, being able to instantly snap a hawk's neck and make it a hat, as well as murdering a snake with ease and then wearing it as a belt.
  • Steve's parents are named "Frank" and "Connie".
  • Bud and Ernesto break the fourth wall again, with Ernesto using the word "Bordertown" in dialogue and Bud telling him not to say the name of the show.
  • It may be possible that the hawk at the end of the episode is the same famous hawk from the classic Bordertown title sequence.
  • Sanford and Gert each have only two lines in this episode.
  • Ruiz is the only main character, not to have any talking lines anywhere in the episode. (that and Grandma Gonzalez, but she never talks, or is even acknowledged. Did the writers even add her in on purpose? What's up with that?)

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