Tanya Hernandez
Tanya Hernandez

Tanya Hernandez is the wife of Steve Hernandez. She's underwent tons of plastic surgery, turning her into a hideous looking Barbie doll. Her facial features can be taken off and replaced in a similar style of that of Mr. Potato Head.


In "MegaChurch", she and Steve went to church and everyone kept coveting her. Steve told her that her make up was a bit much for church and so she took off her mouth and replaced it with a less decorated pair of lips.

In "Santa Ana Winds", the winds blew all her facial features off.

In "Heart Attack", it was revealed that when Tanya was a little girl, she won the beauty pageant 5 times in a row. Her nose then fell off and she replaced it with a carrot.

In "Viva Coyote", Bud started a false rumor, saying that Steve was abusing his wife.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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