Santa Ana Winds 1
Bud spending time with Mexican Bud.

Santa Ana Winds
The Santa Ana winds create a series of strange events in Mexifornia.

Season: 01 Episode: 08
Total Episode Count: 08
Prod. no.: 1AXH13
First Aired: April 10, 2016

Featuring: Bud Buckwald, Sanford Buckwald, Ernesto Gonzalez
Also Appearing: Janice Buckwald, Gert Buckwald, J.C. Gonzalez, El Coyote, Pablo Barracuda, Placido
Musical Numbers: TBA

Director: Jacob Hair
Assistant Director: TBA
Writers: Jason Reich
Storyboarders: TBA

Plot: Sanford travels to Mexico and gets hooked on a more potent elixer; Bud helps his Mexican look-alike sneak over the border; Ernesto struggles with an uncooperative leaf.

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