Sanford Josh
Full name

Vince "Sanford" Buckwald

Last Reported Age


Primary Employment



Bud Buckwald (father)

Janice Buckwald (mother)

Becky Buckwald (younger sister)

Gert Buckwald (younger sister)

Played by

Judah Friedlander


All episodes of the series.

Vince "Sanford" Buckwald is a main character on Bordertown and is voiced by Judah Friedlander. Sanford is the first born son of Bud Buckwald and Janice Buckwald.

Bio Edit

Despite being an American adult, he is still living with his parents, much to Bud's dismay. He likes heavy metal music

Personality Edit

Sanford is rebellious and seems to not care about anything around him except energy drinks and metal music. He is shown to be very lazy, and was a complete loser, but adores his mother.

Trivia Edit

  • It was revealed in "American Doll", where his real first name was Vince.

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