La Fiesta Noche Show 1
Bud on La Fiest Noche Show.

La Fiesta Noche Show
When the Buckwalds and Gonzalezes attend the taping of a TV show being filmed in Mexifornia, Bud inadvertently becomes a big star.

Season: 01 Episode: 11
Total Episode Count: 11
Prod. no.: 1AXH10
First Aired: May 8, 2016

Featuring: Bud Buckwald
Also Appearing: TBA
Musical Numbers: TBA

Director: Ray Claffey
Assistant Director: TBA
Writers: Vanessa Ramos
Storyboarders: TBA

Plot: An excited Ernesto and Placido learn their favorite TV show is filming in Mexifornia and the Buckwalds and Gonzalezes score tickets to the taping, where Bud's angry reactions land him on the stage and he surprisingly becomes a big star in the Mexican community.

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