Gert Buckwald
Last Reported Age


Primary Employment

Preschool student


Bud Buckwald (father)
Janice Buckwald (mother)
Sanford Buckwald (older brother)
Becky Buckwald (older sister)

Played by

Missi Pyle

Gert Buckwald is the youngest child of Bud and Janice Buckwald. She is a beauty pageant princess and owns a pig named Mr. Sparkles.


She is a Daddy's Girl, she loves Bud no matter how much he fails at everything. She is diabetic as she can easily eat a lot as shown in the episode High School Football.

Appearance Edit

  • She has short blonde hair and is overweight. She wears a purple dress with pink sleeves and a pink flower in her hair.


  • She is a parody of the former child beauty pageant Honey Boo Boo.
  • She sold her soul for the ability to control fire (Wildfire).
  • Her accent appears to be Southern, which her siblings do not speak with, She might possibly be adopted or was a foster child.

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