Ernesto Gonzalez
Full name

Ernesto Gonzalez

Primary Employment

Landscaping Business Owner


Maria Gonzalez (wife)
Ruiz Gonzalez (son)
Pepito Gonzalez (son)
J.C. Gonzalez (nephew)
Placido Gonzalez (father)
Unnamed cousin
Unnamed sister-in law
Unnamed brother-in law
Unnamed brother

Played by

Nicholas Gonzalez


All episodes of the series.

Ernesto Gonzalez is a main character and one of two protagonists of the animated series, Bordertown and is voiced by Nicholas Gonzalez. He is a patriarch and has been living in the United States for over 25 years. Ernesto is shown to be a joyful, industrious, and hard-working individual who just wants to pursue the American dream. He had started achieving this by becoming a gardener, and now owns his very successful landscaping business. He is shown to be doing a little bit better, compared to his neighbor, Bud Buckwald, which infuriates him.

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