Bud Buckwald
Full name

Bud Buckwald

Last Reported Age


Primary Employment

Border Patrol Agent


Janice Buckwald (wife)
Becky Buckwald (daughter)
Gert Buckwald (daughter)
Sanford Buckwald (son)

Played by

Hank Azaria


All episodes of the series.


Bud Buckwald is the main character and one of two protagonists of the animated series, Bordertown and is voiced by Hank Azaria. Bud has been a border patrol agent for over twenty years. He has been identified as the weakest link of U.S. border security (having the worst salary on the government ladder) and is not a politically correct individual. Bud is jealous of his neighbor, Ernesto Gonzalez, who seems to be doing, just a bit better than him.

Bud is a politically incorrect individual, as shown when he uses Barracuda's drug money ($30 million dollars) to build a border wall on the border of Mexifornia and Mexico. Although Bud has shown hate for Latinos so far throughout the series, his direct hatred is his archenemy, El Coyote, as in nearly every episode, Coyote sneaks Mexicans past the border. He is jealous of his neighbor Ernesto Gonzalez, as he is his own boss (having his own lawn care business) , and Bud himself works for a Latino man. Bud also has a short fuse, as indicated by every time he cries out, "Fart socks!" Bud is an avid football fan, even coaching a few games in one episode.

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