Becky Buckwald
Full name

Becky Buckwald

Last Reported Age


Primary Employment



Bud Buckwald (father)
Janice Buckwald (mother)
Sanford Buckwald (older brother)
Gert Buckwald (younger sister) J.C. Gonzalez (fiance)

Played by

Alex Borstein



Becky Buckwald is the 18 year old daughter of Bud and Janice Buckwald. She is in love with Ernesto's nephew, J.C., much to Bud's dismay. After Bud find out she is engaged to J.C., he forbids her and make the anti-immigrant law to send J.C. to Mexico which depresses her.

Bio Edit

She is a smart activist. She is in love with J.C. and they got engaged.

Appearance Edit

Becky has brown hair in a bob haircut. She wears a light blue halter top and blue capri pants.

Personality Edit

She is smart girl who cares deeply for her family and fianceé. She supports J.C. through thick and thin and it's clear Becky wears the pants on the relationship.

Trivia Edit

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